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AB Bank Limited has launched an SME loan scheme loan

Make Money and Build House 

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AB Bank Limited has launched an SME loan scheme, ABBL Digun, O, which offers a loan facility of up to a maximum of 1,00,000,000 loan for double the amount of storage equipment to meet the needs of any type of business. Based on these EMI loans, a maximum of three years of loan tenure is a good choice for small and medium sized businesses.

Double t of loan against the value of the instrument of the savings (ABBL FDR, DDS) to meet any type of business requirement.
credit The instrument will not be released before adjustment of the loan.
Through EMI/ Lump sum.
Loan Amount
Minimum BDT 10,00,000.00
Maximum BDT 5,00,00,000.00
Maximum three years.
Security/ Collateral

Hypothecation of stock and/ or receivables.
Lien of savings instrument (ABBL FDR, DDS) covering a minimum of 50% of loan size.
PG of the spouse of the borrower.

One 3rd party guarantee.

For detail,  contact any branch of ABBL near to you during working hours.

Click to download SME Loan Application Form here.

AB Bank may change, add or remove any conditions any time without notification.
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